[Fair] is a lifestyle, a movement, a personal choice that becomes a concrete change of daily life for many people, both in the North and in the South of the World.

[Fair] as “fair trade", but also organic supply chain, ethical finance. It is a critical consumption that has been able to evolve production and enterprise models, creating an ethic need of global responsibility: under a social, environmental, cultural, anthropological perspective.

[Fair] means analyse, actions and mobilisation campaigns that speak about a planet in the balance, thinking about future world. A world that will be based on a rational and balanced use of resources, a world that will have to imagine itself with different eyes and to be told with new words.

[Fair] is a new enterprise for a different economy, but also a lifestyle, a movement, a research of sobriety and beauty, a project of communication and production, cultural and concrete.

[Fair] is a new social cooperative born as a network of experts and professionals active in Fair Trade, Ethical Finance, International Cooperation and Universities.

[Fair] means launching new signals to enterprises and institutions, in the belief that the change can go ahead with social responsibility, with institutions’ engagement in order to open the doors to concrete utopia.

[Fair] is a network, a radical, professional and effective alternative, for a fair re-conversion of supply chains, for a social and environmental responsibility, towards sustainability, communication, creativity.

[Fair] was born because we think that it is no more possible to pursue an illusion of endless growth, entrusted to the rules of world-wide market, defined free, but top-heavy to advantage of a little and to the detriments of all the others including us.

We believe any person could live through his job with dignity and happiness, without renouncing to dreams and traditions of his own community, without remaining cut outside from that of good and new in the world.