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We build and communicate new models of production, trade and consumption: local districts of solidarity economy, short supply chains, etc.

We start small to foster great changes in society, making it a happier and nicer place to live.

Met Manifattura Etica

It is an innovative model of distribution of high quality essential goods, selected for their high social and environmental criteria. Our eco-local and fair trade shops are based in Sestri Ponente since 2011 and in Genova’s historical centre, La Maddalena since 2015.

Campagna Abiti Puliti

It is the Italian section of Clean Clothes Campaign and works to improve working conditions in the global garment industry. We educate and mobilise citizens, lobby corporates and governments and offer solidarity and support for workers fighting for their rights and demanding better living and working


Located in Genova’s historical center, in the heart of the Sestiere della Maddalena, together with Terra! Onlus and Yoge we created a community of people and organisations that live, work, eat and plan together new ecological models of society and development. L’AltraVia is an eco-co-working, a friendly place for us and for all those that share a new way of buying, consuming and even working. Link a Facebook